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Reaching out

Freeing your metadata too? Share the love, spread the word, and let's get together!

To promote the handbook “Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums”, we have planned a limited number of events in the winter of 2014 but we'll be on the road for an extensive international tour in the spring and the summer of 2015. We are already preparing a series of workshops across Europe, the US, Latin America, Africa and Asia for January-June 2015. The quicker you get in touch with us, the easier we can fit the visit into our schedule. E-mail us and tell us about your plans. We look forward to meeting you!

Past events

Starting from 2011 we met up and collaborated with many wonderful people.
Here are several institutions and events where we shared our passion for metadata: UPenn Schoenberg Centre for Electronic Text and Image, School of Information Sciences in Addis Ababa, Digital Humanities 2012 in Hamburg, World Bank in Washington DC, George Mason University in Virginia, College of Information Studies in Maryland, Digital Library Seminar in New York, UK Museums on the Web in London, i2CAT Workshop in Barcelona, The Humanities and Technology Camp in Lausanne, Open Government Data Camp in Warsaw and Dublin Core 2011 in The Hague.